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Bespoke pension solution

A Small Self-Administered Scheme (SSAS) is a pension trust which acts as a tax shelter and enables a greater degree of investment flexibility and individual control when compared to more traditional types of pension arrangements.

Who can have one?

These schemes can be established by any employer (including partnerships and sole traders) and membership would normally include the Directors/ Partners of the business and, in some cases, other family members or key employees. A SSAS is now the pension vehicle of choice for those who own and manage their own business and want to adopt the same entrepreneurial approach to their retirement planning.

Why are they different to ‘ordinary’ pension schemes?

A much wider range of tax efficient investment opportunities are available within these schemes, including:

so much more than a traditional pension

How can a SSAS be of benefit to you?

With our independent advice, the pension scheme can become an essential tool for the owner managed business and, indeed, can be controlled in much the same entrepreneurial way.

Many opportunities exist, including joint ventures with the business and/or with the individual members – therefore enabling business owners to consider the scheme assets when making decisions which affect both them and the business.

The pension fund cheque book remains firmly in your pocket!



Northern Ireland’s only independent firm of dedicated SSAS consultants offering business owners bespoke retirement solutions.

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